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Omni Blender w Extra Jug

SKU: W001



Product Description

Introducing the Omni Blender! It’s a powerful, high speed, 3 HP, commercial grade blender offering all the blending capabilities you could ask for, for half the price of competitors in the same class (blendtec, vitamix). It has automatic push button operation with 3 optional speeds and 3 optional built in timers, as well as a pulse feature. For the timer feature, simply choose 30, 60, or 90 seconds, and the Omni will start out slow, then increase to medium and then high speed automatically. After each 30 seconds the Omni will then pause to allow the ingredients to settle, then begin the process again. This feature ensures products are more consistently blended throughout, and that your motor will last.

The Omni features a durable, shatter proof, 64oz BPA container with measurements marked on the side, and a 6 blade stainless steel configuration inside. It is effective for ice crushing, liquid, and dry blending. The Omni also features a tamper and lid with tamper hole, changeable blades, a 3 prong (grounded) plug, unique cooling mechanism, and a no nonsense 7 year, limited warranty that covers the motor, the keypad, and all electrical parts. The container and blade are covered by a limited warranty of 2 years. Furthermore, the Omni can be returned undamaged, in it’s original box within 30 days if you aren’t completely satisfied! This model has an extra container for added convenience.

With the Omni, what you won’t get is a fashion accessory for your counter. What you will get is a mighty, no-frills blender with all the qualities of a much more expensive product – that will perform for years to come.

Additional Information


H:51cm W:20 D: 24 cm with carafe


White, black, with sound enclosure, separate sound enclosure, with extra container, separate extra container.


7 yrs on motor and electrical; 2 yrs on blade and carafe.


Canada Post Expedited, usually 3-7 business days.


Trusted Canadian seller; no hassle return/ service.




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