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Superfoods are foods that are considered nutritional powerhouses and as such, they are the perfect way to start your day to get the most benefit from your breakfast. This smoothie includes these superfoods:

Organic, fair traded, raw fermented cacao powder benefits:

  • 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries
  • highest plant-based source of iron
  • full of magnesium for a healthy heart & focus
  • more calcium than cow’s milk
  • endorphin and mood boosting chemicals that act as a natural antidepressant (serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine)
  • polyphenol antioxidants to reduce ageing
  • anti-inflammatory flavonols to reduce inflammation and dis-ease in the body

You will want to get this powder from a health food store or online, because it’s not the same as the cocoa powder you find in grocery stores. Common cocoa powder has been treated with chemicals and high temperatures, which greatly damages the nutrients. This is raw or raw fermented raw cacao powder, both of which are very healthy for you. Fermenting removes the anti-nutrients, so if you know you don’t handle beans or seeds well or have compromised digestion, this may be the way to go. Fair trade is very important with cacao because it is estimated that 70% of the world’s cacao is grown by indigenous peoples who are horribly exploited, sometimes including dangerous child labour and extreme pesticide exposure. Organic will ensure there is no pesticide use and fair trade will ensure workers are reimbursed fairly for their labour. Organic, fair traded, raw or raw fermented cacao powder is bitter and contains

Organic, fair traded, maca powder benefits:

  • more calcium than cow’s milk
  • high antioxidant capacity to reduce cellular ageing
  • adaptogenic qualities to help your nervous system adapt to stress
  • hormone regulating properties, with clinical data to support this in women
  • nutrients that reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol in some studies
  • nutrients that enhances mood, energy, and sex drive

Again, organic and fair traded Maca root is best. It can be purchased at a health food store or online.

Organic, matcha powder benefits:

  • megadose of antioxidants for anti-ageing, including catechins, which aren’t found in other foods, including EGCg, which boasts potent cancer-fighting properties
  • caffeine with proteins to boost focus and energy
  • chlorophyll to help with cellular detoxification
  • potassium, vitamins A and C

Anyone who loves caffeine but can’t handle the jitters of coffee needs to try matcha. It delivers a sustained caffeine energy that lasts longer without a crazy initial spike. But be careful! The first time I tried it in the evening in a smoothie I overdid it and was still up the next morning cleaning EVERYTHING. Then had energy all day, to boot. (My house has never been cleaner!) This powder is made from finely ground green tea leaves so it is essential to get certified organic matcha, as green tea leaves are known to be high in fluoride otherwise. Buy from a reputable health food store or order online.

Organic coconut oil benefits:

  • MCFA’s – medium chain fatty acids – which are super beneficial to health, easier to digest than other fats, and give incredible energy almost immediately

Maybe you’ve heard of bulletproof coffee, which has become very popular due to the incredible energy you get from the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil. Body builders use it to help lean out before competitions for good reason: it delivers a high impact energy boost with zero carbs. If you want a morning food to help  you lose weight and stay satiated until lunch, look no further. MCFA’s support a healthy thryoid gland, help boost your metabolic rate, help boost the rate at which cells regenerate, boasts natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties to help with various digestive issues, increases insulin tolerance which helps greatly with blood sugar regulation, will improve the quality of the saturated fats in your cell membranes to improve removal of toxins and entrance of nutrients. Costco has a great brand of organic coconut oil and including it in this smoothie is an easy way to get all the benefits. Another way to get the benefits is to also add high fat coconut milk to the smoothie. I get mine in a can. Just be sure that there are only 2 ingredients: coconut extract and water. You will have to remove the lid from the can because the product can be solid inside with the water underneath, so you need to stir it as you scoop it out. Adding this to your smoothie will greatly improve the texture so it doesn’t taste gritty.

Chocolate flavoured progressive VegEssentials One benefits:

  • 100% of the RDI of 13 vitamins and minerals
  • 6-8 servings of veggies in every scoop
  • 2g Omega 3
  • 27g vegetarian, full spectrum protein
  • 7g fibre
  • very high antioxidant capacity
  • numerous herbs and green veggies with hormone regulating properties
  • *paleo peeps can exchange for VegEssentials Whey all in One

Anyone who has worked with me knows I advocate that all clients use this product because I feel it is so nutritionally superior to any other product on the market. Including this powder in your shake will cost you about $4 per day but the benefit is the same as eating 10 regular meals or 20 or more supplements, but in food form, which is far superior in terms of assimilation. You do the math. I find this shake very blendable and only mildly sweetened. Most clients enjoy the taste. If you want to transform your health quickly, this is by far the best product, in my opinion.

Gelatin benefits:

  • natural protein product for great hair, skin, bones, and nails

Be sure to get quality gelatin by reading up on the product before you get it. I seriously suggest purchase these things from a reputable online source like well.ca and save your time by having it all delivered to your door!

Bio K benefits:

  • broad spectrum, highly active probiotics
  • increase gut probiotic content to improve digestion, assimilation, bowel movements, brain health, nerve health, immune system health, and healthy weight loss

This is an expensive little natural yogurt type drink that is full of very active probiotics. I teach classes on how to get the benefit of this by making your own at home, for clients who are interested. Otherwise, health food stores carry it in the refrigerator section. To better understand the role of probiotics in brain health, immunity, and weight gain/loss, watch this incredible TEDtalk.

Superfood Chocolate (Espresso) Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 scoop chocolate VegEssentials One
  • 1 tsp matcha powder
  • 1 tsp macca powder
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil (heat slightly to make it scoopable, coconut oil is heat safe)
  • 3 Tbsp raw cacao powder (or more to taste)
  • 1/2 can of coconut milk
  • 1-2 cups water, to your liking (I use one plus espresso ice cubes)
  • if you don’t find it sweet enough, you can add a few spoonfuls of xylitol or a few drops of stevia leaf liquid (don’t overdo stevia or it will be gross!!) These are two sweeteners that won’t move your blood sugar and are weight loss friendly.
  • for added umph and flavour, I make strong espresso then freeze it in ice cube trays. I put my sweetener in that. Then I use these in place of some of the water in my shake. They add the kick of a morning coffee, incorporated into your smoothie.

Put it all in a quality blender and blend until smooth.

This drink gives amazing energy and can be used in the morning or prior to an intense workout if it’s not too late in the day!  If you only have energy to do one thing to start to realize your health resolutions, this is my number one suggestion from over 10 years of clinical experience. I challenge you to try it for 30 days and give me feedback on how you felt and what you noticed in terms of your health.