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My name is Nonie De Long and I’m an orthomolecular nutritionist, herbalist, and student of homeopathy. I came to understand the value of nutrition when my young son became seriously ill. By the tender age of 4 he was extremely violent, paranoid, obsessive, tangential, and incapable of learning or self-regulation and by 7 was given his first mental health diagnosis. He was unable to attend school or enjoy normal activities and mainstream medical interventions only made him more ill. After years of searching, I found orthomolecular psychiatry and it transformed him – and our lives – and drew me in. The change was miraculous. I returned to school to study this incredible medicine and now operate a clinical practice where I use nutritional and orthomolecular interventions (including functional medicine and incorporating herbs and homeopathics where indicated) for mental, emotional, and physical health issues. I continue to study holistic modalities to add to the tools I have to assist clients to restore disturbed health. Prior university studies in community development and social justice issues have given me a unique passion for the systemic troubles associated with mental health, and, as a result, my vision has become creating a truly integrative and supportive mental health care system in Canada to facilitate not just better health care, but dignity and quality of life for those troubled by mental and emotional illness in our society.


Nonie De Long

Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Writer, Student of Homeopathy

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Orthomolecular & Functional Medicine

Functional / Orthomolecular Medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that treats illness by examining the unique bio-chemical pathology of each patient through various lab and clinical data, then individually tailoring interventions, including diet and professional grade dietary supplements, to help rebalance and restore healthy function to the body. I was taught how to implement it by its founder, Dr. Abram Hoffer. To this I add over 10 years of clinical practice, FDN training with Reed Davis, a passion for herbal medicine, familial and professional experience with mental illness and addictions, and continuing studies in homeopathy. At HOPE Health, I offer you the most integrative direction for your mental, emotional, and physical health woes.

Got More Questions?

  • What is a nutritionist?
  • What is an orthomolecular practitioner?
  • What is functional medicine?
  • What is herbalism?
  • What is homeopathy?
What is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is someone who believes that the nutrients and toxins you consume affect your health deeply. They believe food is medicine. Consequently they teach people which foods are healthiest, how to find them, how to avoid lesser ingredients, and how to prepare the foods to be delicious and enjoyable.

You want a nutritionist who knows how to determine your metabolic type, assist with testing for food intolerances, increase your tolerance to said foods, test for hormonal, nutrient, and intestinal imbalances, and create a dietary plan that is customized to your needs based on these and other factors.  A nutritionist should never diagnose illness (candida, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, etc.), recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to food, recommend severe detoxification or fasting programs, or advise regarding pharmaceutical medications or treatments. These are over simplistic or beyond the scope of our training and ultimately indicate a poor understanding of nutrition and how to re-establish and maintain health.

In short, you want a nutritionist who will work with your preferences and lifestyle, with your chosen therapies and physicians, and with your goals and body type. You should see noticeable improvements in your health within 3 months. I have never had a client whose health is not greatly improved, if not completely turned around, within 6 months.

What is an orthomolecular practitioner?

An orthomolecular practitioner is someone who uses nutrients in supplement form as an adjunct to foods for optimal health. Food alone is not enough when people have long-standing imbalances (disease) due to poor lifestyle or compromised digestion and assimilation, or due to weaknesses in specific organs, creating greater than normal need for certain nutrients. Furthermore, our depleted soil does not create foods that are nutritionally optimal today. Thus, supplements targeted to address imbalances in biochemistry can be very beneficial.

I believe orthomolecular medicine is the medicine of the future. We will use food and food based nutrients as first-line medical intervention rather than dangerous, outrageously priced, addictive, and suppressing pharmaceuticals wherever possible. As a nutritionist I am uniquely informed and impassioned about orthomolecular psychiatry and nutrition because it is the doctor who developed orthomolecular psychiatry, Dr. Abram Hoffer, who tutored me in how to use it to successfully treat my son.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is the new, more popular name for orthomolecular medicine. A functional medicine practitioner uses various laboratory diagnostic tools as well as clinical assessment tools to determine biochemical imbalances in the body, using a scale that is more sensitive than that of M.D.’s which allows them to detect the beginning stages of disease or dysfunction before it reaches the threshold for formal diagnosis. This enables the practitioner to address health concerns before they are full blown and difficult to turn around. Functional medicine has great results treating health imbalances that are not corrected by mainstream medical care because it addresses the root imbalances driving disease.

My clients are tested via hair, serum, saliva, breath, and urine analysis (as needed) and receive a very detailed printed explanation of any imbalances and treatment recommendations.

What is herbalism?

Herbalism is the study and use of herbs medicinally. It’s ancient and most of the world’s population still uses herbal medicine as the primary form of medical care. Herbal medicine is very gentle, yet potent, and many pharmaceuticals are derived from active ingredients in plants. For example, nattokinase from natto is used to remove plaque from arterial walls. Red yeast rice extract is used to do the same. The active ingredient in aspirin is taken from Willow bark. Saw palmetto contains an ingredient known to shrink the prostate by impacting DHT. Red clover rids the blood of excess testosterone and is great in balancing teen hormonal issues in males. There are thousands more examples.

I love using herbs because they are gentle yet effective. I get great results from creating custom herbal teas and tinctures for clients to address imbalances and weaknesses and improve health conditions naturally – without dangerous side effects.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an entire medical system, with its own medicines. It’s based on the law of similars, that is, like cures like and the philosophy of minimal dose. The medicines are used to stimulate the vital force within the client to overcome the imbalances in their health on their own. Homeopathy can be used for acute and chronic illness, as well as to palliate at end of life or during trauma. It takes a good degree of skill and mastery to prescribe successfully, but when a homeopath is successful the results are truly astounding.

No other system of medicine is as powerful or gentle, in my clinical and personal experience. Homeopathy is a great adjunct to orthomolecular and herbal medicine. Because of this varied toolkit, I am uniquely able to help people with complex health issues.

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