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My name is Nonie De Long and I’m an orthomolecular nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. My first love was the intersection between theology and social justice issues as they merge in community development initiatives, which I was studying at university when my young son became increasingly mentally ill. By the tender age of 7 he was extremely violent, paranoid, obsessive, tangential, and incapable of learning or self-regulation and was given his first mental health diagnosis. For years he was unable to attend school or enjoy any normal activities. I was forced to suspend everything to find him help, as mainstream medical interventions only made him sicker. After years of searching, I found orthomolecular psychiatry and it transformed him – and our lives – and drew me in. The change was miraculous, such that by high school my son was a model, honour roll student and anti-bullying activist. I returned to school, and now operate a clinical and consulting practice where I specialize in nutritional and orthomolecular interventions (incorporating herbs and homeopathics where indicated) for mental, emotional, and behavioural health. My vision is to create a truly integrative and supportive mental health care system in Canada to facilitate dignity and quality of life for those troubled by mental and emotional illness in our society.


Nonie De Long

Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Writer, Student of Homeopathy

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Nonie De Long

Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Nutritionist, writer, educator, specializing in mental, emotional, and behavioural health.


Crysthian Medina

Director of Sales, Personal Trainer

Ex-athlete (football) with background in functional strength training to meet various goals.

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Brittany Harris

Blogger, Singer, Student of Homeopathy

Holistic health blogger specializing in natural DIY products. Student of homeopathy.


Antoinette Sophia

Marketing, administration, and public relations

Organizey type specializing in business and finance coaching for women.

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  • What is a nutritionist?
  • What is an orthomolecular nutritionist?
  • What is functional medicine?
  • What is herbalism?
  • What is homeopathy?
  • What is Mood Food?
  • What is the cost?
What is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is someone who believes that the food and nutrients you consume actually affect your health deeply. Consequently they teach people which foods are healthiest and how to prepare them to be delicious and enjoyable.

What is an orthomolecular nutritionist?

An orthomolecular nutritionist is someone who uses nutrients in supplement form as an adjunct to foods for optimal health. Food alone is not enough when people have long standing imbalances (disease) and deficiencies due to poor lifestyle or compromised digestion and assimilation, or hereditary weaknesses in specific organs, giving them greater than normal need for certain nutrients. Thus, supplements are targeted to address imbalances in biochemistry. This medicine began in the 1950’s when a young Canadian psychiatrist and biochemist, Dr. Abram Hoffer, was charged with improving mental health care for the schizophrenic population in Saskatchewan. He began research into what was going on biochemically in schizophrenia and tried high doses of vitamins to address the oxidative stress he found. To his amazement, it worked wonderfully. He continued his research and had unparalleled clinical success for over 50 years, during which time he conducted the first ever double blind placebo studies in psychiatry.

To continue the research he founded The Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, which has since become international. ISOM hosts an annual conference, featuring pioneering physicians from around the world who are dedicated to researching the link between biochemistry and disease treatment. Hoffer also began the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (JOM), dedicated to peer reviewed research in the field. Archives are available online.

As a nutritionist I am uniquely informed and impassioned about Dr. Hoffer and his work because it was he who tutored me in how to successfully treat my son.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is orthomolecular medicine by a different name. Functional medicine started in the United States as an adjunct for physicians who were interested in understanding the biochemical and nutritional roots of illness. A functional medicine practitioner uses various laboratory diagnostic tools as well as clinical assessment tools to determine biochemical imbalances in the body, using a scale that is more sensitive than that of M.D.’s. For example, they can detect diabetes or hypothyroidism before it reaches the threshold for formal diagnosis. This is beneficial to help clients identify and address disease patterns earlier for better outcomes.

Functional medicine practitioners use computer programs that take the assorted laboratory data and create an assessment profile of each client with treatment suggestions to guide their treatment recommendations. This is very beneficial for clients to give a clear understanding of imbalances and the specific treatment program. It also enables the practitioner to track progress through measurable data. However, it’s best to find a functional medicine practitioner with concurrent education and clinical expertise in symptomatology in order to find someone who can interpret the data that a computer generated program can’t about the etiology and psychology of disease.  Computer programs can never fully capture the complexities of the human manifestation of disease. For example, some people show the symptoms of disease far before the laboratory markers would indicate they have great risk for that disease, and some people need far more of certain nutrients so that they do not show a deficiency in lab work, yet manifest disease symptoms clinically, which is confirmed by an assessment of familial disease patterns. Thus, a clinician needs to be an astute detective to determine what is actually going on and how to best treat the client, especially in complex cases. Because I specialize in mental health, complex cases are par for the course!

In me you will have a practitioner whose symptomatology based assessments have been verified against computer generated laboratory based assessments because I learned to do my assessments without the software. I am also a prolific writer and researcher on health issues, continually learning and seeking. This is all to your advantage!

Functional medicine has great results treating health imbalances that are not corrected by mainstream medical care because it addresses the root imbalances driving disease. It also offers the added advantage of addressing disease patterns before they are full blown and difficult to turn around.

What is herbalism?

Herbalism is the study and use of herbs medicinally. It’s ancient and most of the world’s population still uses herbal medicine as the primary form of medical care. Herbal medicine is very gentle, yet potent, and many pharmaceuticals are derived from active ingredients in plants. For example, nattokinase from natto is used to remove plaque from arterial walls. Red yeast rice extract is used to do the same. The active ingredient in aspirin is taken from willowbark. Saw palmetto contains an ingredient known to shrink the prostate by impacting DHT. Red clover rids the blood of excess testosterone and is great in balancing teen hormonal issues in males. There are thousands more examples.

I create custom herbal teas and tinctures for clients to address imbalances and weaknesses and improve health conditions naturally.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an entire medical system, so it’s a bit different than just saying I use homeopathic medicines in practice, although I do. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars, that is, like cures like. So instead of using a medicine to suppress a cough (modern mainstream medicine) or a herb to ripen, loosen, or calm a cough (herbalism), I would use a medicine that in a healthy person would match that cough, and in a sick person it would cure the tendency to cough and any underlying mucous issue altogether. No other system of medicine is as powerful at bringing about complete amelioration of illness, in my clinical and personal experience.

Homeopathy has its own medicines. The medicines are used to stimulate the vital force within the client to overcome the disease on their own and these medicines can be used for acute and chronic illness, as well as to palliate at end of life or during trauma. It takes a good degree of skill and mastery to prescribe successfully, but when a homeopath is successful the results are truly astounding. I incorporate this modality into my practice to help clients who do not respond fully to dietary and orthomolecular interventions, or where immediate relief is needed, or suppression has driven a disease deeper into the body, or a client is too unwell to manage necessary diet and lifestyle changes.

Because of this varied toolkit, I am uniquely able to help people with complex health issues.

What is Mood Food?

Mood Food is what I call the diet I use, which is a hybrid of the Paleo/ Primal/ Ancestral diet infused with superfoods and void of all pro-inflammatory and insulin triggering foods found in common diets. The goal isn’t weight loss. Weight loss is a side effect of optimal health, not the end goal. Many people are skinny and lean but plagued by health problems, nonetheless. You want a diet that makes you healthy for a rich life, in which a good figure is just a natural consequence. Since figure is 80% determined by your diet, this is exactly what I offer.

My diet, Mood Food, has been perfected after over a decade of experimentation and clinical success, and helps people who have gluten intolerance, leaky gut, all sorts of digestive and bowel woes, food intolerances, chronic inflammation of any sort (all “itis” diseases: arthritis, colitis, pancreatitis, etc.), yeast conditions, chronic low immunity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and blood pressure and heart issues, and mood and mental health imbalances. Moreover, skin, sleep, bone health, and mental clarity will all improve.

The diet is delicious – surprising to some – and very satisfying. You will be far more satisfied than on any diet you have tried to date. This is because natural foods nourish and satisfy and food cravings become manageable to nil. Bloating and food fatigue will be a thing of the past. The diet is also very reasonable to maintain, since you will not have expensive take out or convenience food costs, nor the costs of ill health and time off work for such! This is a diet you can truly maintain for life and not feel you are missing out or starving yourself of something better.

It is also a diet that is respectful of nature and our place in it, and which supports sustainable farming, produces very little toxic waste, boycots agribusiness, mono-cropping, pesticides, dishonest food labeling and all sorts of nefarious food stuff goings-on – all simply by opting out. The food I teach clients to eat is all natural and can be largely gotten from a farmer – bypassing the need to guess at sourcing. For necessary store-bought products I share info on responsible purchasing as I come across it, including online sourcing that cuts out the need to even leave your home.

Where the change is overwhelming or clients do not have the time to shop and cook for these foods ongoing, I offer a meals to go service in keeping with my Mood Food diet, Kale Yeah! You can access info on this service at the top of my page.

What is the cost?

I work with clients for a minimum of 6 months to address health problems. The initial fee is $1000, broken into $700 for various testing & $300 for the assessment, supplement directions, nutrition outline, herbal and homeopathic direction, and meal plan. (Comparatively, this testing through a naturopath has cost me 900-1200, plus the consultation fee, with no nutritional guidance; the cost of a herbalist consult ranges from 100-250; the cost of a homeopathic intake consult is usually around 175-200; nutrition intakes usually cost 100-200. Clients get all this in one with me.) Clients then pay $150 per month (minimum 6 months) to work together to implement the outline.

We check in weekly and clients are given weekly audio/video learning tools and recipes – in their inbox – to help implement changes at home. Clients are also able to participate in cooking classes I offer at half cost and host no cost cooking classes in their home with 5 paying participants. At the end of the 6 months clients are equipped with accurate information to make wise health choices: they know how to read labels, how to avoid and substitute for unhealthy foods, how to source ethical meat, how to meal plan, prep, and cook, and how to use supplements and superfoods. They will understand key exercise concepts and myths and have clear plans for minimal effort and maximum results with exercise, with opportunities to connect with others in group exercise in the community. They will have addressed 1-3 health concerns and will have improved body weight and mass, and notice improved energy and mental/ emotional health. Clients are encouraged to retest to assess changes in biochemistry and direct supplementation going forward at the 6 month mark, but it is not mandatory. This is an optional service and the fee is $700. At this point clients have all the tools to master their dietary health on a day to day basis.

Clients with mental health and addiction issues are accepted only if they agree to work together for a minimum of 9 months. They pay $1000 up front ($700 for testing, $300 for intake) and $200 per month to work together. The fee is higher because these clients need more intensive support and education for their specific issues. At the 6 month mark these clients will see noticeable improvements and have the option to redo their testing to measure changes. The cost of a serious mental or emotional health issue or addiction is far greater than the investment for experienced guidance to effectively treat it through nutrition and functional medicine. I have worked in an addiction rehab centre and lived with mental health and addiction in my family and understand intimately the cost of these illnesses to the family and community. My fees are far cheaper than the cost over time of lost pay, rehab and detox programs that have abysmal success rates, and the cost of the needless suffering.

Addiction and mental/ emotional health issues are a complex mix of biochemical imbalances and emotional/ social injuries. Thus, I require clients to work with me in tandem with an approved therapist who specializes in the particular area of need. This is to ensure best outcomes. I also highly suggest a supportive family network to ensure success. Working with me, clients can expect almost immediate improvement of mood issues on the diet, and gradual but marked improvement in long standing mental health issues, including severe thought disorders. Other issues that will improve are weight/ body mass, mental clarity, energy, skin, inflammation issues, appetite, and sleep. Clients will have in me the benefits of orthomolecular/ functional medicine, nutrition counsel, and homeopathic and herbal treatment. Cooking classes are half price for all clients and free of charge if hosted at their home with 5 paying participants.

All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

My meals to go service (Kale Yeah!) offers an affordable way clients can follow my dietary advice with minimal effort ongoing to truly achieve and maintain their health goals. A portion of all profit from the meals to go is donated to meals for mentally ill clients.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies, supplements, and in person classes are extra, but evaluations and recommendations for these will be included in the fees. Some health care plans include nutrition expenses under preventative health care.