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Why Paleo?

Why Paleo is Taking the World by Storm

From Chris Kresser’s website:

Back in June I spoke at a conference called Revitalize at the Miraval Resort in Tuscon, AZ, which was organized by MindBodyGreen.com. They invited 100 thought leaders and experts in the fields of nutrition, personal growth, fitness, and “green living” to present and collaborate on creating a healthier future.

My talk was called “Why Paleo Is Taking the World By Storm”. I share my personal story using a personalized Paleo approach to recover from a debilitating chronic illness. I also discuss:

  • Why a Paleo diet makes sense from an evolutionary perspective
  • The growing chronic disease epidemic and its disastrous consequences
  • How our modern diet and lifestyle contributes to chronic disease
  • How a Paleo approach can help prevent and reverse these diseases
  • What Paleo critics get right—and what they get wrong
  • How Paleo can help you to achieve your goals, and how to get started

It was an interesting audience to deliver the talk to, since many of the other nutrition experts at the conference are advocates of vegan / raw food / plant-based diets. Despite that, it was well-received and so far the Livestream version that is available online has generated some positive discussion.

If you haven’t watched it already, click the link below or image above to go check it out!


by Nonie

Nonie is a licensed Orthomolecular Nutritionist (R.O.H.P., R.N.C.P., C.N.P. Hons.1st) out of Toronto, Ontario, with a background interdisciplinary university education and training from U.W.O. in Non-Profit Management. After she witnessed diet and supplements reverse her son's serious mental health conditions under the tutelage of Dr. Abram Hoffer, she became passionate about the link between diet and mental health. Nonie now operates a private nutritional consulting practice, HOPE Health, where she uses food and natural supplements, including herbal and homeopathic preparations, to help her clients holistically address physical and mental health imbalances. Please contact Nonie to discuss your particular needs.

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